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Stoycho Mladenov is one of the greatest Bulgarian football players and coaches. He was born on 12 April 1957 in the small town of Ploski. He first started playing football for the team of Dimitrovgrad. After being transferred to "Beroe" (Stara Zagora), he marked his first appearance for the team by scoring his first goal in the Bulgarian premier league.

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The coaching career of Stoycho Mladenov began in the club, where he finished his active player career - "Olhanense". He returned quickly to the club where he earned most of his success as player - CSKA. As an assistant coach to Georgi Vassilev he won the last double for the "Reds" in 1997. He moved back to Portugal to coach "Belenenses", but was soon back in CSKA.

In 1999 Mladenov was appointed head coach of the Bulgarian junior national team. Under his supervision the team was joined by some of the current Bulgarian national stars - the likes of Dimitar Berbatov, Stilian Petrov, Martin Petrov. A year later he succeeded Dimitar Dimitrov as head coach of the first Bulgarian national team. In 2002 he was appointed head coach of CSKA for the first time. His season started on high note as CSKA got 13 straight wins that won him the title in the Bulgarian premier league.