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The first club team in the coaching career of Mladenov was his favourite CSKA. The club owner Vasil Bozhkov was one of the richest people in Bulgaria. CSKA were champions in 1997 for the last time, when Mladenov assisted Georgi Vasilev.
„Vasil Bozhkov offered me to take the team three months afte I left the national team – tells Stoycho–Lachezar Tanev and Stefan Ormanzhiev took part in my negotiations with the owner. The coach at that time was the Italian Luigi Simoni. , but we were not on first place in the table. Bozhkov did not want to sack Simoni in the middle of the spring season. The idea was that I had to select players for the new season, when I was to become a coach. I started travelling around Bulgaria to look for players. Our main aim was to sign the best Bulgarian players. We started with Velizar Dimitrov. I had worked with him in the youth nationonal team and he performed well for Lokomitiv Sofia, Litex and Marek. I was a friend with the president of Marek and we managed ti sign Dimitrov for CSKA. My second new player was Emil Gargorov from Lokomotiv Sofia. We needed a completely new team, so we We took 15 new players. Vasil Bozhkov gave me the whole power to guide the team, and I will always be thankful to him for that opportunity. He was the only person above me in CSKA. When there was a robbery in our team base in Pancharevo, I was the one to change the security firm.“
CSKA did not get good results that season. We reached the final of the cup which we lost 1:3 to Levski. It was a crucial moment for Simoni as a coach of the team.
„The losses lowered Bozhkov’s authority, but he insisted that we waited until the end of the season – continues Mladenov – but agony just continued. When I became a manager I was able to observe the work of Simoni and constantly a player was missing. I asked him several times, and he explained to me that Dragoljub Simonovic was skipping traininigs was going to Serbia without a permission. When Simonovic came back I made him pay 10 000 dollars for his action and sacked him. Such a behavior is not acceptable for the team of CSKA. After Simoni left the team, I gathered the players and I explained to them what was required from them. We would play with Levski for the championship in a match not important for the table, but for our dignity. Stoian Iordanov was to be the coach at this match. I guided him what he had to do, as I had to travel for Brazil to watch some new players. I had talks with Jose Mourinho, with whom I had good contacts. We met in Lisbon and flew from there to Rio de Janeiro. While I was in Brazil, CSKA won against Levski. My travel was a success as well. We managed to buy Joao Carlos from Vasco da Gama. We wanted to take Daniel Carvalho, who was 18 years old, but did not succeed. Carvalho reached later the national team of Brazil and made a career in Russia. He won the Cup of UEFA as well”.
And so started the first period of Stoycho Mladenov as a coach of CSKA. The fans of CSKA will always remember that season. CSKA won the championship after 6 years and made an impressive record – won all the championship matches in the first semi-season.
„We risked with buying so many new players, but we did not have another option. At the summer camp in Germany we lost all the friendlies. We had to central forwards – Asen Bukarev and Vladimir Manchev. Cherno More showed interest in buying Bukarev and I agreed to sell him. At the matches in Germany was the manager of Lille. The French team had gathered enough information for Manchev. One night at the hotel a club representative came and asked for my opinion for the skills of Manchev.We sold Manchev for 2 million dollars. It was a dream come true for him. I had to react immediately and we took Macdonald Mucasi from Lokomotiv Sofia. He adapted very quickly in the team. I will never forget the first derby against Levski, when Mukasi scored twice for our win 3:0.
I did a psychological trick before the match. Without the players knowing it, I and the operator visited the players’ wives, girl-friends and children. Everyone of them had to say several sentences to motivate the players. I will not forget the daughter of Gerogi Antonov. She said – I very much love you, dad, but if you do not win over Levski, do not come back home” In the evening before the match I played the film to my team. Everybody laughed and felt happy. We killed the tension and won.
In the second season we were just four points ahead. I had to think of something. At a press conference I talked rude to two journalists, who I respect. I made a scandal in order to kill the tension and to direct it at me , leaving the team at peace. We trained, played and won, and the only one hated was me. It was important that we returned the assuarance of the team. We reached our most important match of the season. We would play Levski away. And it was at the stadium of our main rival, that we became champions. One of the songs of the fans became a reality. Even today when I am on a meeting with the fans I ask them to sing my sonh. We made 1:1 with Levski on their stadium, which granted us the title several matches before the end of the season. Our joy was enormous. The Portugues Joao Paolo Brito scored the goal for us. This team of CSKA has been one of the stronges that I have trained. They were excellent professionals and characters. We would often score 5-6 goals in a match. Velizar Dimitrov, Emil Gargorov, Todor Yanchev, Joao Paolo Brito, Artim Shakiri, Stoyan Kolev – they were the richnes of CSKA. Our deffenders Joao Carlos and Ibrahima Gueye was the best one in Bulgaria. A lot of young players were included in my team as well – Ivan Pavlov, Bobi Karamatev, Gerasim Zakov. Next year my son Stoycho Mladenov, Rumen Trifonovo, Angel Ioshev came to the team. I have always wanted to include young player in the teams I train.“
Despite the successful season, we could not continue our good work. The reason lies within internal factors in the club. That is why the team did not continue working for his favourite team.
„Our aim was to continue building a strong teamv- continues Mladenov – I wanted to buy a central forward from Stutgartt, but our plan did not become a reality. We wanted to play in the Champions League, but I did not consider it to happen without buying some new players. We were a team, only a year old, and only luck could help us. Vasil Bozhkov offered me two Brazilians – Leo Lima and Rodrigo Souza. I had wathed Lima already. Milan showed interest in him, but at the end the Italian team chose Kaka. Souza I did not know in person. In there visit cards was written that they were youth world champions. I had not other option, but buy them. They were not in their best physical shape. Lima was a great player, but had a big problem with his discipline. Both players would often get into conflicts.In the meantime the board sacked my two assistance against my wish. We lost after penalties from Torpedo Moskow for the UEFA Cup. When coming back I made the decision not to be part of that team anymore. I came home and thought all night. Next day I called Vasil Bozhkov and told him I want to leave. I told him what I have overheard from the other board members in the plane and deemed it inacceptable. Bozhkov however wanted me to stay as a manager of the team and to choose the new coach. It was to to be my first assistant – Alexander Stankov.“
Mladenov worked as a manager just for two months. After the camp on the Canary Islands where the team one a strong friendly tournament there was tension between the coach Stankov and the players. After we came back, the coach did not want to continue in the team.
„I do not know what Stankov’s motives were –tells Mladenov–Bozhkov asked me to take the team again. I have been regretting up to this day my rejection. After this meeting I left CSKA.“
The team from the first stay of Mladenov in CSKA was sold in the next years. Alexander Tomash and Metodi Deainov went in Greece, Joao Carlos - in Belgium, Todor Ianchev – in Greece, Svetoslav Petrov – in Azerbeijan, Artim Shakiri – in England, Emil Gargorov, Vladimir Manchev, and Hristo Ianev – in France, and Galin Ivanov – in the USA.